We Have Posts In the Ground!

We have posts in the ground for the new production greenhouse! All of our greenhouses come from Atlas Greenhouses in GA https://atlasgreenhouse.com/

Video Transcript

Hello, friends! Welcome to Gardening with Creekside. Today is an exciting day as we witness the fantastic progress on our new production greenhouse here at Creekside Nursery in Dallas, North Carolina.

For those of you who have been following us faithfully, you already know that we are expanding our production areas. And if you're new here, a warm welcome to you! We're thrilled to have you join us.

So, what's happening today? Well, a lot! Our fantastic crew, including Roger and the team, is hard at work installing the posts that will hold this greenhouse together. We also have a concrete truck on-site to help with the construction.

Let's take a closer look at what's in store for this greenhouse. It's going to be a 90 by 96 super Arch gutter-connected greenhouse. What does that mean? It will have three bays, and it's designed with an arch-shaped roof, which is different from the peaked roofs you might have seen in retail greenhouses. Each bay is 30 feet long and 96 feet wide, offering plenty of space for our plants.

Today's focus is on getting those posts securely in place. They've set up string lines to ensure everything stays level and square. The crew is carefully pouring concrete and then inserting the posts into the ground, creating a strong foundation for the greenhouse.

Moving forward, they'll be pouring concrete for the sidewalks and other areas, ensuring this greenhouse is not only functional but also efficient in its design. We've also completed a retaining wall to address the slope of the land, and French drains will be added for proper drainage.

The backside of the greenhouse will have a slight slope to facilitate water drainage. This design will allow us to collect rainwater from the gutters and direct it towards the back, where we can manage it effectively.

As for the 10-foot space in front of the greenhouse, we have some options. We can choose to either concrete it or use gravel, depending on our needs. It's a versatile space that can serve various purposes, from plant storage to a transition zone.

One exciting feature of this greenhouse is that all four sides will have roll-up walls, allowing for excellent ventilation and temperature control. It's a vital aspect of our production facilities.

Roger and the team have been doing a fantastic job with the installation, and we have full confidence in their expertise. They've set the stage for the next steps, which include pouring concrete and assembling the greenhouse's framework.

The various components of the greenhouse have arrived, from gutters to fabric sides, sliding doors, rafters, and more. Each piece has a specific purpose in bringing this greenhouse to life. Roger and his crew have the experience to put it all together seamlessly.

We also have plans for heaters and fans, as this greenhouse will play a crucial role in our plant production, especially during the colder months. We want to ensure the ideal growing conditions for our plants.

In the coming days, we'll continue to document the progress. Jerry will have the drone up to provide a bird's-eye view, and we'll keep you updated on the construction milestones.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as Creekside Nursery expands to meet the growing demands of our business. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, it's never a dull day here at Creekside!