Southern Fall Garden Tour: Our Garden In November

Join us for a southern fall garden tour to see our garden in November! We experienced our first hard freeze of the season last week, and we intentionally have left the garden alone so that you can see what the garden looks like after a 25-degree night.

Video Transcript

hey friends welcome to garding with Creekside today we are going to take a early November Garden Tour we just hadthree nights of big freezes here in North Carolina and I wanted to take this opportunity and kind of show you whatthe garden looks like after a big freeze I have intentionally not cleaned upanything since last week's freeze because I really want to show you I think it's very important that we'reopen and transparent about what our Gardens look like every month every season out of the year so that is ourintent uh with this video so we're going to kind of show you what our garden looks like here in early November aftera hard freeze and then we're also going to talk about some uh fun projects that we are looking forward to within thegarden for next year because it is never too early to start planning your garden uh for the next year cuz we are alreadythinking and we have got some major plans that I am super excited about ofcourse here we are standing ing uh along this is the shade garden right along the house and the driveway behind me youwere here with me when we did some fall containers uh I don't know was it even amonth ago maybe it was and you can see yeah the the freeze hit hard here inthis Garden this is vastly perennials in this Garden there are a handful ofannuals just because my perennials just get so massive you can see big thingsthat took a hit the hostas right so the hostas are melting away the one thatFeather Falls no excuse me the white feather um back there in the back it is a little bit more protected because it'scloser to the house so it did not get uh hit nearly as bad as some of the other ones but this is what's going to happento your hostas they are going to uh get completely frozen and they're going todie back they're going to turn to Mush same thing with your hydrangeas hydrangeas are not Evergreen they willget fried all of your foliage right here it just melts it actually just burns it off weare not yet this one did not get hit as hard as some of the other ones again because it's closer to the house it's ina little bit of a Nook so it was protected I think we got down to like 25° that night and then the next twonights we were right around 30 so we've had we've had some good freezes that's what this looks like I dowant to show you I'm going to back up just a little bit right here because this uh little container right here wasone of those now it is not fancy y'all I keep it very very simple in the fall uhbut my gosh this Ivy is going like crazy and that is a wild berry yukara fromproven winners ukuras of course are known also as Coral berries uh but manthat thing is just rocking out it has not showed any signs of burn or the ivyhas grown a ton so as simple as it is I do enjoy it quite nicely come coming ondown um my Holly Fern will be a Evergreen so you I will have structureeven in the winter time with that you can see these golden Tiaras are meltingyou will also see that the winter weeds are already starting to germinateso I I think weeding is basically a 12month job here in the South unless you're covered in snow you're going tohave summer weeds you have winter weeds um and that is what these are so as I come in through here and clean up andclean up my hostas obviously I'm going to come in here and weed as well so Sun King Aurelia Sun King this thingis a giant it's actually two cuz you can actually see that now a giant Beast of aplant um some of y'all have told me that I just need to take down my hay rack because it gets hidden in the summertimeand I say no it's my garden and I'm going to do it because yes does this Aurelia Sun King get massive and huge itsure does does so what I do is I have fun and give myself some Thriller here with some pop of color so uh yeah greatthis will get completely cut down right I will go ahead and just come in and cut it to the ground and it will disappearfor the winter if you do have annuals left in your garden um they are probably sometoasty Critters you're going to see that in in this garden tour today some of y'all were fussing at me like oh theflowers are so pretty before the we had that fore but now I get to come through and dealwith mushy smooshy plants so this was one of the Rocka impatience and it ismush right now plants are so much easier to pull out when they are not completelymelted so that is why I begin my fall cleanup even before we have the first freeze one came really fast and it didcome really fast that's what Jerry said like we were we didn't even have a frost we went from record-breaking 84° andthen 2 days later it was 25° um so a massive fast hard freeze Nofrost no nothing it just went from warm to cold what handled it really well wasmy Chamilia this is white by the gate now you will notice on my white by the gate I've got tons of buds loads andloads this is a Japonica so this will Bloom somewhere in January uh to earlyearly spring you'll notice that I do have some brown leaves right here well why do I havebrown leaves because this was New Growth this was nice tender growth it was stillgrowing when that 25 degree night hit it burned it so these these probably TopFour Leaves will go ahead and fall off at some point it's not going to kill the plant the plant is just fine um but itwill those that that new growth did get fried and it will drop off your perennial ferns that are not Evergreenagain toasty you cut them to the ground as I come through and do things in the garden I will take you along for theride some of these things I'll just do on my own because there's a lot of cleanup to be done but I do think thereis a great uh lessons to be learned my Laman that is the pink shab Laman fromproven winners for us it is a perennial we sell it as an annual and I honestly find that it does better performance forme in the cooler months than In the Heat of the summer it's just an interestinglittle side note on that the Bro Alia gone Solomon Seal this is what's funabout Solomon Seal really and when I say fun as a gardener you'll understand it's so easy to clean up very much like ahosta I don't know if they're there yet um but yeah so it'll just pull right out once you leave it long enough and theyget fried enough the stalks will just pull right out of the ground you don't even have to cut them they'll just comenow obviously if there's still a little bit of green on there but look see I'm doing Garden cleanupright here they just pop right off which makes it really really nice in the garden the weeding is is a chore asalways now right before we had the freeze I took pictures of the hangingbaskets and um they werespectacular the end of the season I could not have been more happy morepleased with these hanging baskets uh some of I posted some pictures when they were in all of their Glory right beforethe freeze hit people were like well bring them inside y'all these things when they were the basket itself is 2feet wide and then when you had the plants it was probably 4T wide so no uh I could not bring these inside and asfar as bringing them in the greenhouse no these were annuals we thoroughly enjoyed them their season is over and uhnext year we get to start again that is the beautiful thing about annuals is that you you can switch them out now Ido love this combination so I will be doing it again that is simply some dragon wing Bonas and then Diamond FrostEuphoria there were quite a few in there because I planted it later in the seasonthat was actually my second planting the first planting I did with calabra coas and colus it didn't get enough Sun likeit just was on The Struggle Bus and I said nope we're going to do this and man it was an absolute winner for sure nowwe're still here at the house we're going to turn around and we're going to go into the Cottage Garden and up onhyrangea Hill uh the chicken coop the whole the whole nine yards had to adjustthe camera lens there a little bit got a little bright on us but some gardeners and it's not right or wrong this is whatmakes the world go around right uh that is the beautiful thing about you get to Garden in your space and I get to Gardenin mine some people really love perennials and they only want to focus on perennials some people really loveannuals and want to focus on that vice versa right I'm a camp of everything has its place in the garden whether you'vecome about gorgeous amsonia amsonia this is uh blue star it is what we consideredlike a non-branded plant and it is a native it does beautiful Starlight pureblue flowers in early spring and then you get this great color in the fallvery bright very vibrant um it's turning a little bit more Brown now after the freeze before the freeze it was justlike golden yellow which is gorgeous um my baptisia is still hanging in there myday lies are starting to take a hit that kind of thing the annuals the speakingof annuals y'all look blessed so this wasthe uh playing the Blues Blue sued no Blue Suede Shoes this was blue Su shoesSalvia we had four of them across here clearly they are toast these areabsolutely toast now if you look down there at the very bottom they actually still have a little bit of green on themwe sell these as annuals all of the Rock and series of salvas we sell them asannuals if you want to try to keep it as a perennial what you would want to do islet the freeze get it nice and hard and then just cut it to the ground right sodon't pull it out just cut it to the ground you can mulch as normal and then depending on the season depending onwhere you are the conditions and all of that it may come back I had the Rock and deep purple come back for several yearsin a row until it just got too massive and I ended up pulling it out so just know that if you want to try to keepyour salvas cut them to the ground leave them alone and we'll see what happens come springtime uh zingas I adored thesezingas this year y'all these are six plants that is six plants thatcompletely took over this garden box which I was quite happy about um massiveplants I mean these right I mean I'm 5 foot and look at these things um justgorgeous I love doing the Jer uh Baner jerieswoohoo bener giant mix uh and so this isthat is what this is it would had some yellows and purples and fuches and oranges that kind of thing clearlythey're ready to come out as are the sunflowers these were sunflowers that I had planted um to be as cut flowers andwe can you can tell that we did use some of them as cut flowers because they were gone but it was also really nice toleave a lot of them up here because we could see them from everywhere no matter kind of where you were on the propertyhere at the house and even at the nursery you could see them over here and they were gorgeous now I do have somevery fun uh plans for this space next year because we're going to back up justa smidge over to the next box year um the past two boxes um this year werepredominantly for vegetables right like you can still see I still have myjalapeno plants here right and these were tomatoes right here um and I hadcucumbers and I had basil and all of that kind of stuff all of which I will still do my basiland I will still do my flat leaf parsley cuz I love flat leaf parsley um but Ithink I don't think I ate we ate one jalapeno pepper and I don't I think we use the tomatoes maybe just a handful oftimes just because it's just they we're just transitioning to a different part of our life where we'renot big into vegetables and the maintenance on that uh we get much more enjoyment out of flowers so for thatreason next year I am going to turn these four boxes the middle one will stay herbs uh the next those next fourboxes will turn into uh cut flower garden and I have some really fun plansbecause um I am going to fill them first with some I'm going to try my hands at some ricula and some aniesbecause now I had already decided on doing it the because Cut Flower Garden but our sweet Alyssa who Alyssa worksfor us as she's worked for us for three or four years um I think maybe she was a freshman in college when she cameto work for us and she is getting married at the end of May next year somay of 2024 and she is just a like she is part of our family right and she asked if shecould get married here and have the reception here at Creekside and we were honored and we said absolutely and shesaid no y'all don't go to any extra trouble but you know and I was like Alysa do you not know me so I am goingto be planting U cut flowers in her color palette for the wedding fingersare crossed that the timing will go correct because we've never done these before so we have some big plans I willalso say this because you're going to go we have a lot of big projects um that the wedding is going to kind of push usinto which I'm quite happy about um because some of these projects I've been wanting to do for years but I will just go ahead and say that you're going to gowith us on all this journey for the next 7 months 6 and 1 half months of gettingready for Alyssa and Nick's wedding but creek side is not turninginto a wedding venue don't ask me the answer is going to be no I was joking but not really joking and said you mustcontribute you know however many years it is for Alyssa four years of Blood Sweat tears uh tons of hours workinghere to even be considered to have a wedding here so this is a very special unique situation where Alyssa and Nickare going to be married they're going to be married the ceremon is going to happen at the nursery we have a special spot for that and then the receptionwill be in the backyard so lots of plans for that beginning first with the cutflowers and the ricula and the anies I'm going to try zenas it's going to be really close I'll start them inside umand bring them in we're going up here um because of it being the end of May so weshall see stay tuned you're going to go along for that ride now this area is definitely it's hydrange Hill right andwe've got little lime hydrangeas we've got Fire Light hydrangeas hibiscus going down thecenter everybody is brown and toasty everybody starting to drop their leaves the um hydrangeas are like I said niceand crispy and crunchy but I leave them especially until we get past theholidays cuz these make beautiful um flowers in Arrangements like those fallwinter arrangements and since it blooms on New Growth I have no problem cutting them so your panicle hydranges Bloom onNew Growth you can see last year I cut it right here and all of this is New Growth so it was cut here and you knowyou've got two 2 and 1/2 ft of New Growth so that Mak makes it easy thatyou can cut them and you're not going to damage next year's blooms on them we areso so dry it is incredibleand I know I know a lot of the part of the country is dry too the South Texas all through there very very dry so wehave had no rain whatsoever so I am up here watering like crazy the the violasand the mustards they're hanging in but just try I can't keep enough water on them because this is such a warm spotbut they're hanging in there the girls are doing great they don't care a bit um all of the perennials that I haveplanted all of the shrubs they they are all doing really really well um El Ninoremember El Nino is a desert Orchid a small tree she got fried this is totallynormal she's going to be deciduous so she is a small tree you can see it's a multi-trunk where I'm going to kind ofkeep it in that form not quite losing leaves yet as far as like falling off but she willcompletely lose all of her leaves not a problem whatsoever and then um yes thetime came this was is the um beautiful hibiscus that our friend Tiffany shealways will seed one for me and then give it to me it is a foliage plant itmakes great um fillers for cut flowers and it is just gorgeous it was abeautiful burgundy but it is an annual so this was started from seed from Tiffany gives she gives me one everyyear I love it um but yeah it's an annual kind like a colus right so it isall said and done the trees are doing really well um I know we had planted these trees uh when when did we plantthese trees watch out there's a plant behind you yeah it was in the summer cuz we didn't do the the chicken Co untilmid June so it was after that but the um paper bark maple I had to think for asecond the paper bark maple still hanging on to its leaves the cherry tree they always lose their leaves early Imean that's just even towards the end of summer they start to lose their leaves it's just what they do cuz it's hotand they just kind of check out and they're like yep no I'm done um so it's doing just fine and then the um Elm sothis is the Bosque Elm really fun texture to it I saw these CU you know our oldest daughters in college and wewere driving by oh we were in Clemson that's where we were and they had some mature Bosque Elms in one of thecourtyards oh my gosh they were gorgeous so I cannot wait to see this Bosque Elmas it grows and develops it had done really really well it dropped a lot of its leaves not really dropped I thinkthe Japanese beetles got a hold of it maybe um but it had completely flushed back out so it is doing phenomenal itdid get dry I think um before planting it and so it had when we planted it it didn't have a lot of leaves on it but itflushed back out as soon as we put it in the ground and was very happy forever Goldie forever Goldie is a greatEvergreen from our friends at Southern Living plant collection hanging in there doing just fine right everybody's justdoing really well and then we have got tons of plants that need to go in the ground that is on the to-do list you cansee that the Spas the hydrangeas right the freeze got them they're starting to lose some leaves um but I wanted to giveyou an update on uh Little Miss figgy soremember when I planted her she was completely Barren she had some fruit on it but no leaves now yes the freeze thefreeze got some of the leaves but man clearly loves being in this container flushed out really really nicely and umI mean for the time of season right and the amount of time we had new growth on it so come springtime I expect it to benice and full and bushy and very very happy for sure and then the other big plan that we have which is not new um isthis area back here we've talked about this before where this is going I'm have Jerry and Jackson are going to come inwith like the excavator and the Bobcats and stuff and just clean up we're not taking out trees because we're going tokeep this as a shade garden but you know where we have debris sitting right herethat needs to come and be pushed out we've got you know some funky trees that from the construction of the of thechicken coop all of that just needs to be cleaned up but this whole area in here there's a there's a natural Gullyright on the back side that g Garden will go up to that Gully but you can see it gets really good like Morning Sunhere and then as the sun sets especially in the summertime behind me then this gets all shaded so this will be thatperfect kind of shade part sun Garden where I can have things that like moresun but need a break in the afternoon I can have them more up front and then things that love it Shady have themtucked in the back so I'm really really really excited about developing this space right here uh but first we'refocusing on the signature garden and that space um and then we'll we'll move on over to here[Music] the summer sweets always get them backwards um this is Vanilla Spice soVanilla Spice there's three of them here and they are starting to take on the yellow these are the plants that I tellyou that look like they're big bird yellow in the fall well they are starting it is a gorgeous really brightbright yellow and the whole plant will get that and so these will these are native plants they will fill in righthere they are deciduous so once they turn yellow then they will go ahead and drop but they do gorgeous white flowersthat smell Divine and the pollinators absolutely love them in the summertime so Vanilla Spice right here is doingquite well all right now let's move on over uh to the forest pansy bed and the back patio and the dalas get an updateon the dalas welcome to the forest pansy bed and the pathway to the back patiothis is one of my favorite Gardens um but it has definitely entered into herfall phase the forest pansy Red Bud essentially has lost all of her leavesright so she has completely defoliated it is they are all underneath her on inthat flower bed and you can see that things have gotten to gy right yourhostas again I just want to people to re be reassured because if you're a new Gardener and you it's very overwhelmingwhen you start to garden and you think oh my gosh what has happened they're dead they're not going to come back nothat's the beautiful thing about these perennials and these shrubs right so many of them will be deciduous they theperennials vast majority are going to die completely down to the ground they just get fried um and then other thingswill like your hydrangeas they're going to defoliate but you're going to have sticks come the um Springtime they'regoing to be absolutely gorgeous you are going to have though some Evergreenperennials you've got gorgeous helbor Linton roses that are going to be Evergreen you can see them kind ofaround the base of the forest pansy certain Fern so we've got a tassel Fernin front of that hore it is going to be an evergreen back in the back back of the bed we've got Autumn Ferns andFlorida Sunshine um alysium all of those are going to be Evergreens as well umprobably I will enlist because if you know this space i garden a ton in herewith my mama uh Mimi so Mimi and I will come in here and tackle it get it all cleaned up and get it ready to go um tosleep for the winter coming over here on this side this is definitely the side that gets a lot of sun lot a fun fallinterest in here scentlandia so we've got sweet landia which is an ITA uh doesgreat as far as beautiful Fall Foliage and not only do you have gorgeous coloron it but they hold the leaves really really well they're not going to droptheir leaves um right away like certain shrubs will do that and they'll dropanother gorgeous shrub in the garden for the fall is o Olea hydrangea this isGatsby gal Gatsby gal is a more petite some Olea hydrangeas the old varietiescan get like 20 feet tall she's in that 5ish five to six I think foot range andshe's unique in the fact that she can do full sun this one gets sun up to sun down sun and she is beautiful but lookat the foliage I adore it beautiful burgundy still got some green down thecenter you've got your old blooms on it it just makes for a really fun fun fallinterest with your oaklea hydrangeas don't prune them just leave them alone do not prune they bloom on Old growth soif you have a hydrangea and the leaves look like an oak leaf like the oak treeleave it alone don't don't prune it and every year she just continues to get bigger and bigger and better and betterso between that and of course the Hy ranges back here these are panicles again these are your limel like primesnice and brown and crispy but again they give us some structure along with perennial grasses they too have turnedbrown but they give us structure in the garden and that is very very nicethroughout the season now uh the generous Gardener she is just a veryfull full Rose she's a little wild and woly I will trim her probably midJanuary I if you wanted to trim remember like if some of the pieces were just getting out of the way and or in the wayrather and just out of control then you absolutely could prune it I did that some with some of the pieces so that umsome of the canes so that they didn't attack us as we went by but what's great too about the rose is the rose hips andhopefully Jerry can show you some of these rose hips um this might be a goodright here so a rose hip is where there were roses so earlier in the seasonthese were all roses this is the little bud part of the rose that you leave iton there that bud will kind of swell and then in the cooler temperatures it will turn colors depending on your rose willdetermine the color of your rose hips so they could be orange they could be yellow they could be red anywhere inbetween these make great uh Arrangements in Fall cut flowers right so I am goingto leave them and then when it comes around Thanksgiving and I'm doing some arrangements for Thanksgiving and thenChristmas then I will come in and selectively prune these and add them to some Cut Flower Arrangements along withsome hydranges and whatever else is looking good in the garden pretty much back here uh we'vegot of course more roses these are the David alustin they too are slowly going into dormy you can see that we did havesome beautiful flowers right before that freeze I did come out and cut a vasefull of roses they are still on the kitchen counter and just so so sweet now back here theseare tea olives the sweet osmanthus we've talked about this before how much I absolutely love and adore this plant uhit is an evergreen and clearly we planted it this way because we wanted a hedge these took a massive hit in theArctic blast last year right before Christmas and basically were burned completely so they almost completelydefoliated from that but man they have bounced back and done really really wellso I love that they have grown they've gotten nice and full and so for example so this is where I pruned it in theearly spring so it's probably around April and I pruned it right here so you can see that look how much that is agood 3T that it has grown um and so they are nice rapid Growers but you caneasily keep them maintained to whatever size you want the goal is is that they will form a complete solid hedge backhere to kind of give a little bit of privacy to the backyard and yeah soeverybody's doing great here they just got fried aelas these were Encore aelasreblooming aelas were in full bloom just gorgeous yep so the flowers are friedbut the foliage is great of course aelas are evergreens um so we just burned thatand we're moving on moving on to the next thing for sure um your hibiscusyour perennial hibiscus we haven't really talked about those yet this is the LC crush and there are actuallythere's three of them in here we might need to take one of them out this season because they are very happy here andvery very um vigorous we're not need to relocate some people um but your hibiscus your perennial hibiscus this isa summer rific they are perennials they're a perennial not a shrub they're going to die completely down to theground next year they will Sprout growth from The Roots they will not come backfrom these stems depending on where you are in the country um it may be betterfor you to wait until early summer late late spring to prune them down to theground I have found that for me in North Carolina a Zone 7B that I can prunethese in December I like for the my stalks see how they're still kind of green my stalks are still greenespecially down there towards the base of the plant once they turn completely Brown like this up here is completelybrown right here once it turns brown then I can cut it but see I can still it still bends it doesn't snap so there'sstill um some water and nutrition and things in the stems of the plant I like for them to die down completely and thenI will come back and clean it up for me it's hard to wait that long but I have found that it does really well for theplant if I can do that um let's go this way and then we'll hit the Dalia Garden here in just asecond uh pentas yep toasty they are gone pentas of course are great annualsthat love the heat and humidity beautiful these were the rose the hot pink flowers just gone right so we willcome in here clean it up I think I might put some ricula or some anmes in herefor the wedding we will dress this all up along with with the uh blue my mindXL aulus it did great here y'all I loved it right here you can see how much ithas grown um of course it is an annual but look look how much it came over itcame over the sidewalk at least by a foot and I just love how this filled in and I planted this very like later on inthe season because the spring annuals were done and so I pulled them out and put this Evol in here I never fertilizedit I never did additional water to it and it is just a very low-maintenancehigh performing plant that is gorgeous true blue flowers in it the patioeverything is doing well I did come through and watered the violas uh downhere on the base because they are not on irrigation and we are so incredibly dry so they just got watered this morning weare still waiting a little bit on the white shishi Chamas they are going to beslowly I get a rogue Bloom every once in a while but these white shishi Chamasare nice and petite and dwarf that's where why I can have them here in front of the the porch they will not getmassive so they are doing great as are the three different containers that weare doing kind of a little test on the different kinds of soil everybody is doing great right now I cannot say thatthere is a definite you know somebody's winning and looking better than the other one they all three look great thisis a spoma potting soil then we had b b is a professional mix that we're goingto be switching to this coming uh winter for all of our annuals so this is a professional mix and then last but notleast over there on the far corner is The Proven Winners potting soil everybody's doing great as is I thinkJerry can can get you that corner over here of the um deck boxes that we didnot too long ago and the sweet little violas are doing great the Cardon andthen the Euphoria our tulips arrive kind of early in December I got them from color Blendsand color Blends is pre-chilling them for me so that way I don't have to worry about it and we should have plenty ofroom to be able to come in here and Tuck some tulip bulbs within this box these boxes right here obviously in otherparts of the garden too but tuck them in here so how sweet would that be in the spring to have this nice and full andthen tulips popping up it's great the one downside though about Alyssa's wedding being the end of May the Tulipsand daffodils will be done that's all right because it's also going into warm stuff so we can have summer annuals inhere as well these two beds I've got a lot of work to do in these are we just callthem the backyard beds filled with perennials and shrubs and then we wouldput annuals kind of on the corner I'm not I wasn't as happy withthe design this summer um and so I have a feeling that this winter I'm going tobe in here moving some stuff around a lot so this winter and early spring I amgoing to be moving um maybe where plants are spread out I'll put them together Idon't know this is just an area that I'm just kind of sitting on wasn't super super happy with the design notnecessarily the plant performance just the design and that's whose fault is that of course that's my own rightthat's what we gardeners do we think we have this great plan and we put it in and maybe it looks great for a while andthen you're like I don't don't like that right so if you're a gardener you're going to move plants so this is what wedo for sure tree yes so our um before we hit that tree let's talk about this treeright here this is the um Princeton Century this is a goo this is a male gooit is not a female so it does not drop seeds it does not stink uh I took apicture of it the just the other day the leaves have started to shrivel up a little bit more right now but just abrilliant yellow Jerry doesn't know this but I've already ordered another one to put inthe um signature Garden uh because to put this bright yellow Fall Foliage isjust gorgeous so if you ever have a chance to put in a gko tree choose amale one so that way it doesn't drop seeds and it doesn't stink do it because oh my gosh the fall color on that thingis just gorgeous what Jerry was talking about of course here is our um reallyfun funky evergreen tree right here Jerry remind me the name just went outof my head H that's right thank you this is the Hanoi slender and that's part ofmy design problem issues here is this Hanoi slender is really such a fun funkytree when I say this is low maintenance y'all we literally planted it yes this bed does have irrigation on it but we'vehad no bug issues we've had no death within the plant no issues what we'venever had to stake it it is just a very fun funky tree now it is the Slender butmy quote problem with my design is that I've put too many plants up close to itand you can't really see and enjoy this specimen of a plant um and so I want tokind of clean out some things here let this tree shine because it is just sucha fun fun funky tree great Evergreen obviously it's very soft because I keepmy hands on it and um yeah so that's part of my design quote issue um withinthis bed was the things that I wanted to shine we're getting a little bit too covered up from some other plants as wemake our way around coming on over here if you haveum death of the Bonas so these these were the Shore Fire cherry cordial Bonaswhich were gorgeous and stunning we were just here not too long ago I'm talking about the Fall Foliage and somebody was like what are those red shrubs wellthey're not shrubs they were Bonas completely melted down and so we'll comein here and clean that up as well for the winter a lot of time I'll just leave this blank I'm not going to put pansiesand violas in here I will just let this rest we'll come in here and top dress with a great compost and then um justlet it be for sure now we were somebody was just asking me the other day onYouTube what about the dalas that I didn't give Dalia updates and I did butI didn't give like specific a whole big like Dalia Garden Tour um in the summerwhen they were in all of their Glory well this is what the Dalia Garden looks like now this is what a 25 degree nightwill do to your Dalia Garden dalas they are basically fried down to the groundnow some of them still do have some Green in here um what I will be doing over the next month month and a half iscoming in and cleaning all of this out for me now this is for me in the pedmontregion of North Carolina a Zone 7B I do not dig up my Dalia tubers last year wasmy first winter with the Dalia tubers the plan was is that we were going to like rearrange this and we were going todig them up well life happened in it and we never move them I only lost maybemaybe five five tubers for the in the winter uh that due to rot but they didincredibly incredibly well so I over winter my Dal tubers in the ground yeswe have compacted red clay soil but it is on a slight slope so water drains weas dry as dry can be so right now I don't have to worry about them rotten um but what I will do is come in here takethe strin down cut them straight down to the ground remove all of my f right takethat and compost it somewhere else just clean it all up get the weeds out andthen I'm going to come back through with a really nice compost whether it's the land and sea or our bulk mix that we usethat has some Pine B pine bark thins in it and I'm going to really nice and top dress this so it'll be nice and pretty Ileave my steaks up because it's just not worth taking the steaks out and then when you put them back in So if I leavemy staks up year round I will take down the String Clean clean it all up compostit really well these are on drip that drip will stay and then come spring asthey start to sprout then I can put my string back up as they grow now thisyear I have not divided my dalas at all come in the spring if I need to dividesome because they're just so big that would be the time for me to do it if you dig up your dalas and you're going to umdivide them then they need to stay out of the ground in the fall so either when you dig them up divide them and storethem for the winter and then replant them in the spring or if you're like me and you can over winter in the groundwait until the springtime they start to sprout dig them up divide replant orgive them away right so that's the deal with the dalas we had a beautiful magnificent gorgeous season with thedalas uh all of our employees knew that they had an open invitation to come here and cut flowers whenever they wanted toand it just did my heart so good to see them they were getting off and then they would drive up and then I would see thema couple minutes later walk out and they had massive vases full of dalas so dalas fingers are crossed will startblooming for Alyssa's wedding so because they're going to have we're going to have the reception out here have a nicebig tent everything's going to be out here so um we're going to hope that the dalas start blooming by the end of Mayall right now what we're going to do is uh MOS on up to the front of the house BM that kind of area and show you what'shappening up there all right so here we are just standing edge of the backyardhit to the front yard first you remember we were here just was it two weeks ago talking about how gorgeous this Maplewas so we filmed that like on a I don't know it's like a Tuesday or a Wednesday we went to go visit Emily for parentsweekend at school and we came back on Sunday less than a week later this thinghad completely defoliated so it dropped its leaves big time um we are under alot of I don't know if we're technically in a drought but we have not had any rain so I don't know if that's what made it just drop so fast I asked Megan Isaid did we get wind and she was like no it just dropped but not only just thattree the trees in general were dropping and then this beautiful thing this is aredwood I will try to remember the name and show it to you we bought this treewhen I was pregnant with Jackson we bought this tree and the forest pansy umon that same trip from our friend Thomas and I absolutely love and adore thistree we planted it here on kind of the front corner of the house becauseobviously it's going to get nice and nice and big but it gives us some shade on our house because this is kind oflike the the west side of the house gets very very hot um but this tree has donejust spectacular it's not the tree itself is not on irrigation per se but the grassis the yard is and it is down here at the bottom so whenever it does rain obviously it gets some good water um andis very very happy the only problem that I have with this tree is that the Japanese beetles do like to munch on itso we try to treat it as best we can to keep them off because it doesn't kill the tree clearly but it does they dochew on the pretty green foliage and it they make it turn brown so it makes it a little unsightly but this thing is justI love this tree it is a beautiful tree um rest in peace to the sweet potatovine this was the Bewitched Green With Envy withthe with the impatience behind it uh yeah melted completely to the ground itis going not going to be fun to clean this this up because really meant to get that out yeah yeah no it didn't happenuh it is going to be smooshy and nasty and gross the plan here is that we willplant violas or pansies here and then I want to go ahead and put some enmies inthis space too for the wedding as they walk by I know we're going to be kind of cutting it kind of close we'll see howthe weather does um but to have a really nice soft soft pastel um pansies righthere and then the violas the an enemies popping up I think it would be gorgeous we'll see you know how things happenaround here we're continually moving and grooving and shaking and changing things um always at the time now the BM we werejust up at the BM the other day uh showing you how to treat your fallperennials and clean them up there you go I mean it's everybody looks prettygood Jerry is going to throw the Drone up and later on this afternoon when the Sun starts to set a little bit so hewill give you a nice up close view of the of the BM but really there's not a whole lot to say right now everybodyit's kind of the same as everybody before and then the last but not least is your Lantana so of course Lantana isa beautiful annual for us here in North Carolina so this was the lemon zest Lushthe from pran Winters and then we had the Bewitched Green With Envy sweet potato vine in front of that it was agorgeous site it no longer is a gorgeous site so we will come in here and cleanthis up depending on where you are depending on your climate depending on your garden depending on the spot inyour garden annual lantanas may be a perennial for you we treat theselantanas as perennials and so we switch them out every year do somethingdifferent with them um and use them in different locations next year I may not do Lantana here I may do somethingcompletely different so we do treat these as uh annuals if you want to try to overwinter your Lantana then you'rejust going to want to leave it alone the best thing for them is not to cut thembecause they can have hollow stems and if you get rain a lot of rain in the winter time those stems will fill upwith water and they will rot so if you're trying to save your Lantana for aperennial just leave it alone in the spring when you start to see New Growth come up from the roots then you can cutoff all of this year's foliage off of it but that's kind of the trick on the landana but yes so that is the gardentour here as the yellow jackets are flying around here at Creekside Nurseryreally the house this is what we wanted to focus on today and show you what our garden looks like here in early Novemberafter a hard freeze the garden cleanup can now commence I will take you alongfor the ride on some of this and some others I will just get in here and just get her done and get everything cleanedup and put to bed for winter but of course I will show you exactly how um you can prepare your garden for winteras well we so appreciate you you have a great day and as always thanks so much for GR with Creek Side we'll see you inthe next video bye