Meet Creekside Nursery

Hello friend!  We are so glad that you have stopped by for a visit!  Creekside Nursery, Inc. is a family owned and operated business located on 8.5 acres of serene countryside just outside of Dallas, NC.  Creekside is a Proven Winners' Certified Garden Center and proudly offers the largest selection of Proven Winners' plants in the region.  We specialize in meeting people wherever they are in their gardening journey, whether you have a self-proclaimed black thumb or have been gardening for many years. It is our mission to help you grow, bloom, and thrive both in your garden and in life!

At Creekside Nursery we want you to grow, bloom, and thrive both in your garden and your life.


We are Jerry and Jenny Simpson, and we are the proud founders and owners of Creekside Nursery, Inc.  Creekside truly is a family business as our three children are heavily involved in the operations of the nursery, and you will most certainly meet at least one of them when you come to visit. 

We began Creekside in 2005 with a small vegetable garden and selling our produce at our local farmer's market.  As both our family and the business grew, we slowly transitioned from produce to growing plants exclusively in 2011.  In the following years we grew Creekside into the destination garden center that it is today.  Check out the video below to get a more in-depth history of the nursery; it truly is a walk down memory lane.

Whether you live just around the corner or miles away, we are excited to have you visit Creekside Nursery!  The nursery is an extension of our home, and we are honored that you stopped by to say hello.


The History of Creekside