Proven Winners Signature Garden Irrigation Install

Our Proven Winners Signature Garden irrigation install is happening today! Join Jerry & me as we show you exactly how we are installing the irrigation system for the new Signature Garden. It's always an adventure around here!

Video Transcript

Hello friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside! It's a warm and toasty end of October today, and we're going to be installing the irrigation in the signature Garden. This is the next step before we can begin planting. We have all the equipment out here and are getting the irrigation set up in the pre-winter signature Garden at Creekside Nursery in Dallas, North Carolina.

Today is Monday, but you'll see this on Wednesday, which will actually be November 1st. Today, we are scheduled to break records for heat, so Jenny is in a t-shirt and shorts. It's supposed to get up to 83-84 degrees here, which is quite unusual for the end of October in North Carolina. But let's get back to the task at hand.

I'm standing at the edge of the signature Garden, and you might hear Jerry on the Bobcat in the background. He's working on digging out a drainage ditch because nothing here at Creekside is flat, and we want proper water flow. The trench starts shallow and gradually deepens as he progresses. There's a black pipe in the trench, which we'll lift and bury deeper to ensure better water flow.

The plan is to fill the drainage ditch with wash stone gravel and then top dress it with decorative River Rock. This will ensure good drainage for the garden. We also have various water sources, including rainwater drainage and springs, which will be directed here.

Now, regarding the irrigation, we initially planned to use drip tubing but decided against it because of potential damage during planting and maintenance. Instead, we're going for overhead sprinklers. Jerry has marked the locations where popup sprinklers will go, mainly around the garden's perimeter. Only the raised beds will have drip tubing.

Jerry is currently working on the irrigation manifold, which will control the sprinklers. He's using PVC pipes and valves for this setup. These valves are easily maintainable and can be replaced if needed. We prefer having all the valves in one central box for ease of access.

Next, we'll lay the PVC pipes for the main waterline, and then we'll run flexible tubing to the individual sprinkler locations. Each sprinkler head has a 12-inch riser to ensure it can clear any plants in the garden. We'll have ten sprinklers in total, five for each of the two main zones, and they'll be strategically placed to cover the entire garden area.

Finally, we'll wrap up the project by burying the sprinklers so that they are flush with the ground and won't interfere with the plants. We hope to finish this project tomorrow and also introduce our new drone for some exciting aerial shots.

Thank you for joining us on this journey at Creekside Nursery, where gardening is never boring. Stay tuned for our next video update, and we'll see you soon!