New Shrubs For the Proven Winners’ Signature Garden

Check out these beautiful new shrubs we received for the Proven Winners' Signature Garden from our friends at Spring Meadow Nursery which is home to @pwcolorchoice shrubs. I can not wait to begin planting them in the new garden!

Video Transcript

Welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today, we have an exciting video featuring a trailer full of beautiful shrubs from our friends at Spring Meadow Nursery, home to all the Proven Winners Color Choice shrubs. We've often discussed how fall is an excellent time to plant shrubs, trees, and most perennials in the South. It's perfect timing that Spring Meadows has sent us these great shrubs. We have a wonderful relationship with Proven Winners and the folks at Spring Meadow, who generously sent us these plants for The Proven Winners Signature Garden.

Some of these plants may be familiar to you, while others might be new. Spring Meadow allows me to test out these plants, and I often push my limits with plants that may be too hot or too cold for my zone. Some of these might be borderline for North Carolina Zone 7B, which I consider part of my job to test. If they do well, we'll offer them at the nursery; if not, we'll know they're not a good fit for us.

Now, let's dive into these beautiful plants, organized by variety. Get out your gardening journal and make some notes! Each plant has a tag, so take screenshots if you're interested.

Starting with 'Fairy Trail Bride', the first cascading hydrangea, it's perfect for southern climates, hardy in zones seven to nine. Best in full to part sun, it has pure white flowers and a cascading habit. At four feet tall and wide, it's a re-blooming shrub with low deer resistance. For colder zones, consider container planting and bring it indoors during winter.

Next is 'Juiced Orange', a type of Jessamine new to me. Hardy in Zone 7B to 10, it's ideal for hot weather and has clusters of waxy, citrus-hued flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. It's easy to care for, with spring, summer, and fall interest and high deer resistance.

'Center Stage Coral' crepe myrtle offers deep, rich foliage and a compact size, perfect for tight spots. Hardy in zones 6B to 10, it needs full sun and provides spring to fall interest with medium deer resistance.

The 'Tuff Stuff' series of hydrangeas are robust and feature lace cap blooms. 'Tuff Stuff Top Fun' is particularly interesting, hardy in zones four to nine, and offers continuous blooming on both old and new growth. The amount of sun it needs varies based on your climate.

'Let's Dance Big Band' is a mop-head hydrangea, hardy in zones five to nine. It's a re-bloomer that's smaller in size and doesn't require regular pruning.

'Let's Dance Sky View' is another hydrangea in this series, offering sky blue or pink blooms depending on soil pH. Hardy in zones four to nine, it's wider than it is tall and re-blooms well.

'Pinky Winky Prime' is an improved version of the classic 'Pinky Winky' hydrangea. Hardy in zones three to eight, it's a large panicle hydrangea that blooms on new growth and shows vibrant colors in cooler climates.

'Golden Shadows' is a type of pagoda dogwood with unique foliage and horizontal branching. Hardy in zones three to eight, it thrives in part shade and adds a bright variegation to shady spots.

'Jazz Hands Variegated' loropetalum is a southern shrub hardy in zones 7B to nine. It offers a mix of greens, pinks, creams, and mauves and does well in sun to part shade.

'Mucho Gusto' abelia is a new addition, hardy in zones six to nine. It's an evergreen with classic green leaves edged in cream, perfect as a foundation plant.

'Perfecto Mundo Double Pink' azalea is a compact shrub that blooms three times a year. Hardy in zones 6B to nine, it needs a minimum of five hours of sun.

'La Vida Mas' Indian Hawthorne is a new trial for me. Hardy in zones eight to ten, it's an evergreen with rippled leaves and pink flowers.

'Steady As She Goes' gardenia is a classic, hardy in zones seven to ten, with fragrant double blooms. It's a larger gardenia, ideal for hedges or specimen planting.

'Pillow Talk' gardenia is a more petite variety, hardy in zones seven to ten, with similar characteristics to 'Steady As She Goes' but in a more manageable size.

These plants arrived in one-gallon containers. Since our Signature Garden isn't ready for planting, we'll move them to three-gallon containers for better root growth. The timing of planting the warmer plants, like the Indian Hawthorne, will depend on when the garden is ready and the climate.

A huge thank you to Spring Meadow for these beautiful shrubs. You'll see them soon in The Proven Winners Signature Garden at Creekside Nursery. We hope you found this informative and inspiring. Have a great day, and see you in the next video! Bye, friends.