New Shrubs & Final Concrete Installed

We are taking a peak into the production greenhouse and highlighting some of the new shrubs we are offering online to our customers. Also, the final concrete was installed today which means the installation of the greenhouse can continue.

Video Transcript

Hello friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today, we have an exciting update for you. The final concrete has been poured in our new production greenhouses. Unfortunately, we don't have any b-roll footage of the concrete pouring process, but we'll give you a tour of the finished product.

This morning was quite busy, and we were occupied with various tasks, so we didn't capture the concrete pouring on camera. However, we're here to show you the completed concrete flooring in our new production houses. Later in the video, Jerry will fly the drone to give you a bird's eye view of the entire space since it's challenging to grasp the full scope from ground level.

Let's start with a recap of our new production greenhouse. This greenhouse is a substantial 90ft by 96ft structure. Our plan for this space is to cultivate beautiful perennials and annuals for our valued customers, both those who visit our nursery and those who order online. Creekside is growing, and so is our customer base. To accommodate this growth, we need the space to produce these plants for you.

To clarify, this production area is not open to the public. Our retail area will remain at the Garden Center. These videos serve as a way for you to see behind the scenes of our production area. Yesterday, the concrete was poured for this greenhouse, which consists of three bays, each 30ft wide. The solid pour was done on this one because it will house our potting machine. The potting machine is movable and can be attached to a tractor or machine, making it flexible for various tasks.

The concrete pad is sloped gently from left to right from the center, and expansion joints were installed to manage expansion. The poles in the greenhouse are 12ft apart and 12ft tall. They play a crucial role in supporting the structure. There's also a metal expansion joint running down the center, allowing for flexibility.

Today, the concrete for the sidewalks was poured. While there is still red clay in the middle, we plan to use gravel in these areas, covered with landscape fabric. The gravel will serve as the base for the plants, making it easier to move carts and equipment around.

We discussed turning one side of the greenhouse into an access road, which will be helpful for machinery, deliveries, and more. A water spigot will be relocated, and the waterline runs along this area.

Moving on to the retaining wall, we've installed French drains on both sides for proper drainage. This will help manage water runoff effectively.

Now, let's head up to the greenhouse and take a look at some of the exciting plants we're offering online. Our quart-sized containers are perfect for shipping, and we have a range of shrubs available.

We have Winter Berry Holly, which produces beautiful red berries in winter. It's excellent for small spaces, rain gardens, and attracts wildlife. Berry Poppins is a popular choice, but it requires a male counterpart like Mr. Poppins for pollination.

Next, we have Sweet Talker Viburnum, an evergreen option that blooms with fragrant flowers in late winter and early spring. It's great for a rain garden, border, or specimen plant.

Aphrodite is a sweet shrub that produces fragrant flowers in late winter and throughout the summer. It's versatile and can be used in cutting gardens.

For those in cooler climates, we offer Rose Sensation Climbing Hydrangea. It's a lovely addition that can reach 40 to 50ft in height, perfect for planting near a mature tree.

We also have various barberries, like Sunjoy Neo and Orange Pillar, known for their vibrant colors and three seasons of interest. They add a pop of color to any garden.

Finally, we introduced Proud Berry Coral Berry, which produces stunning pink berries in winter. It's hardy in zones 3 to 7 and makes a beautiful addition to your garden.

We didn't cover all the shrubs available on our website, so feel free to explore our selection. Stay tuned for upcoming pre-sales for perennials and annuals, tailored to your growing zone.

We appreciate your support as we embark on exciting projects like these new greenhouses and our e-commerce venture. Thank you for being part of the Creekside community. Have a fantastic day, and we'll see you in the next video. Goodbye!