What Are We Up to Now?

What are we up to now? We are taking you on a construction update tour as we prepare for the installation of the new 90' x 96' greenhouse. The retaining wall block has arrived, and Jerry is tearing up the ground yet again. It's never a dull moment around here!

Video Transcript

Welcome to Creekside Nursery's latest update on our production and construction projects. We are a grower-retailer located in Dallas, North Carolina, at Zone 7B, just west of Charlotte. In case you're wondering, a grower-retailer is a business that grows its own plants and sells them directly to consumers.

One of the exciting developments we want to share with you today is the installation of a new greenhouse this fall. It's actually going to be three connected greenhouses, making it one large greenhouse complex. The construction process is well underway, and we'd like to give you a closer look.

We've started by installing retaining walls using Sheffield retaining wall blocks from Bellguard. These blocks may not steal the spotlight, but they serve an essential function in holding back the soil and blending in with the native landscape. Unlike the blocks used for patios, these retaining wall blocks have a unique design that doesn't require pins or glue. They interlock securely, making installation efficient.

The greenhouse complex will consist of three bays, all connected, and equipped with roll-up sides on all sides. We source our greenhouses from Atlas Greenhouses in Georgia, a trusted partner that provides excellent service. The first set of parts for the greenhouse is set to arrive next week, and assembly will begin shortly after.

To prepare for the greenhouse installation, we've been working on the groundwork. The greenhouse will be positioned on a pad with a solid concrete base for potting activities. The other two bays will have concrete around the perimeter and gravel with landscape fabric for plant display areas. This design allows for flexibility and adaptability in the future.

We've also been working on landscaping the surrounding areas. Grass seed and straw have been applied to create a beautiful green slope. Additionally, our production area features a variety of plants, including perennials, shrubs, crepe myrtles, roses, and more. It's a bustling place with a lot of exciting developments.

In terms of irrigation, we've addressed drainage concerns with a French drain running alongside the orchard to prevent flooding. This drain directs excess water into the woods, ensuring the orchard's safety. We've also carefully marked young pine trees in the area to avoid damaging them during trenching work.

Our construction project is progressing smoothly, and we'll be sharing more updates as it unfolds. We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into Creekside Nursery's ongoing activities. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the future! Thank you for joining us.