New Greenhouse Update - Prepping For Big Concrete Pour

The new production greenhouse site is a flurry of activity as the guys are prepping for the big concrete pour! Join us for an update on the new greenhouse as we take the next step in constructing this new 90' x 96' gutter-connected greenhouse that will more than double our growing space here at Creekside Nursery.

Video Transcript

Hello, friends! Welcome to Gardening with Creekside. Today has been a very busy day, and I just finished filming at the chicken coop. If you missed that video, be sure to check it out; I filmed it yesterday. Now, here I am at the production area, and there's a lot happening.

Andrew is hard at work here, and you saw him moving some stuff around earlier. We have a lot going on today. Take a look at all these boards; that's where the concrete is being formed. We've got machines, including the little Bobcat, and Jackson is operating the skid steer. This dedicated team has been here since 7:30 this morning. Jerry is here too, overseeing everything, although he's not miked up because he's constantly busy.

Let me give you a quick rundown in case you're new to what's happening at Creekside Nursery. We're installing a 90 by 96 gutter-connected greenhouse from our friends at Atlas Greenhouses in Georgia. They're fantastic folks, and we get all our greenhouses from them.

Last week, Roger and his crew installed the posts and concreted them into the ground. Now, The Parkers (Ernest and Justin) are here, and they oversee all the concrete pouring. They are a small family business here in Dallas, and we appreciate their excellent work.

Today, they are forming the concrete because, as you know, concrete needs forms to stay in place. Tomorrow will be the big day for pouring concrete in this greenhouse, and the entire 30 by 96 bay will have a solid concrete floor. The red clay soil in North Carolina is compacted enough, so there's no need for rebar in the ground.

We also have a retaining wall in place, and French drains for proper drainage. The backside of the greenhouse will have a slight slope for water drainage, and we plan to collect rainwater from the gutters to manage it effectively.

In front of the greenhouse, we have options for the 10-foot space, either concrete or gravel, depending on our needs. All four sides of the greenhouse will have roll-up walls for ventilation and temperature control, which is crucial for plant production.

The crew has done an excellent job with the installation, and we have full confidence in their expertise. They've set the stage for the next steps, including pouring concrete and assembling the greenhouse's framework. Various components have arrived, from gutters to sliding doors, rafters, and more.

In the coming days, we'll continue to document the progress, and Jerry will provide a bird's-eye view with the drone. Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, there's always something exciting happening at Creekside!