How We Pour Concrete

It's concrete day! Join us for a very full & exciting day as we pour a 30' x 96' concrete pad at the new production greenhouse. It's never boring around here folks!

Video Transcript

Hello, friends! Welcome to Gardening with Creekside. It's never a dull day here at Creekside Nursery, as you're probably aware. Today is a fantastic day at the nursery, and there's a lot happening. We borrowed a water truck from our friend Jason because it's been incredibly dry, and our gravel road could use some watering, especially with all the traffic due to the concrete pouring.

Let's start with an update on what's been happening so far. The concrete trucks have been busy this morning, and they've almost finished pouring the pad for one of the greenhouses. We're waiting for one more truck to arrive, which should bring about six more yards of concrete. The timing of the pours is critical, and the guys have been doing a great job.

We discussed yesterday that they waited until the end to form the front side of the greenhouse since the concrete trucks were driving in. This allowed the trucks to back right into the greenhouse and pour the concrete efficiently. They've completed four trucks in less than an hour and a half, which is impressive.

Now, we're waiting for the final truck to arrive. The crew is preparing the area, making sure there are no gaps where the concrete could flow out. This meticulous work ensures a smooth and efficient pour.

The Expansion Joint down the middle of the greenhouse is essential. It will remain permanently in place and helps with water shedding and maintaining the concrete's levelness. The concrete pouring process involves teamwork and precision.

As we move forward, the concrete truck arrives. They must gauge the right amount of concrete to avoid wasting any. They're conservative to ensure they have just the right amount. After pouring, they work quickly to level and smooth the concrete.

Cutting Expansion Joints is a crucial step. They're using a machine with a blade to create these joints, which allow the concrete to expand and contract naturally without cracking. The process requires patience and precision.

As the day progresses, the crew continues to work on smoothing and finishing the concrete. They'll clean the equipment, and tomorrow they'll return to pour more concrete for the sidewalks and other areas.

At the end of the day, everything is shaping up nicely. The crew has done an excellent job, and the weather has been perfect for the work. We'll continue to provide updates as the project progresses.

Thank you for joining us at Creekside Nursery. Have a great day, and we'll see you in the next video!