Jenny’s Ultimate Gardening Bundle

$578.99 $610.86

Elevate your gardening game with Jenny's Ultimate Gardening Bundle, the perfect upgrade from our Jenny’s Essentials Bundle, packed with tools to enhance your gardening comfort and efficiency. 

Enjoy pain-free gardening with our Super Cushy Kneeler, precise plant care with the Felco 322, and effortless digging and planting with Jenny's Edition Auger. Organize your garden beautifully with our handy Garden Marker and Miniature Copper Labels for a rustic charm. 

Jenny's Garden Tool Belt (Variant)
Felco 701- Workwear Gloves (Variant)


Meet Jenny's Ultimate Gardening Bundle – your new best friend in the garden! This amazing set includes everything from our Jenny’s Essentials Bundle, plus some extra special goodies to make your gardening even more enjoyable.

First, say goodbye to sore knees with our Super Cushy Kneeler. It's like a soft pillow for your knees, keeping you comfy while you work with your plants.

Next, we've added the Felco 322 – a super handy tool that's perfect for snipping, trimming, and shaping your garden to perfection.

But that's not all! With Jenny's Auger Edition, you'll breeze through digging and planting. It's like having a powerful helper that makes creating holes for your plants quick and easy.

Keep track of what you've planted with our Garden Marker. This nifty tool helps you label your plants, so you'll always know what's growing where.

And for a touch of elegance, use our Miniature Copper Labels. They're not just practical – they add a charming, rustic look to your garden.

Jenny's Ultimate Gardening Bundle is here to make your gardening smooth, organized, and a whole lot of fun. Grab yours now and save up to $30!

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