Jenny’s Essentials

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Jenny's Gardening Essentials is the ultimate toolkit for ease and efficiency in your green space. This complete set features Jenny's Garden Tool Belt, offering convenient access to your tools, the Felco 2 pruners for precise cutting, and the durable Felco 441 Root Trowel for effortless digging and planting. Plus, the comfortable Felco Gloves to protect your hands, are available in your size. 

Jenny's Garden Tool Belt (Variant)
Felco 701- Workwear Gloves (Variant)


Get ready to transform your gardening experience with Jenny's all-in-one Gardening Essentials! This set includes everything you need to make your time in the garden easy, enjoyable, and super productive.

First up, we've got Jenny's Garden Tool Belt – it's like having an extra pair of hands! This handy belt keeps all your tools within easy reach, so no more going back and forth looking for what you need.

Next, say hello to precision cutting with the Felco 2. These pruners are a gardener's best friend, making cutting and trimming your plants a cinch while keeping your garden looking sharp and tidy.

Digging and planting have never been smoother than with the Felco 441 Root Trowel. Its tough design can handle all soil types, ensuring your plants get a comfy and secure home.

And don’t forget about your hands! Keep them safe and comfy with Felco Gloves. The best part? You can choose the size that fits you perfectly, so you can garden with ease and comfort.

Bring them home altogether and save up to $15 with these must-have Jenny’s Essentials!

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