Proven Winners Signature Garden: Day 2 - Adding Perennials

Video Transcript

Hey friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside. We are here on day two of installing the major components of The Proven Winter Signature Garden at Creekside Nursery in Dallas, North Carolina, Zone 8A. You were with us yesterday when we installed the shrubs. Today is perennial day, and we'll be planting the perennials and topping the beds with compost to act as mulch and nourish the plants throughout the winter.

Before we begin, a quick recap of what happened yesterday. Andrew has started a new project, and we'll briefly overview that. If you missed yesterday's video, I encourage you to check it out as I named all the different plants we planted. Now, let's dive in.

I'm standing in the back corner of the signature garden, near the end of November. It's almost lunchtime, and we had a late start today due to the frosty morning. I'm in the formal section of the signature garden with defined lines and balance in the planting. However, we didn't want all four outer beds to be identical, preferring diversity.

We also installed a low wall around the raised beds using the Weston block from Belard, giving it a nice edge. The signature garden will extend to less formal areas with traditional gardens and more. Now, let's discuss the perennials we're planting today.

Amsonia is a hardy, low-maintenance perennial native to North America with beautiful blue flowers in the spring. We have different varieties like Stormcloud and String Theory. Next are Amazing Daisies, including Daisy May and Banana Cream, which are beautiful Shasta daisies.

We also have Neopias, also known as red hot pokers, with vibrant colors. Some are part of the Pyromania series, known for their bold and hot colors. Ailias, like Firefly Sunshine, provide drought-tolerant and fern-like foliage.

We'll have shade perennials around the pond and shadier areas, not in the formal section. We're planting Yarrows like Firefly Sunshine and Serendipity Alliums with their beautiful purple flowers. Daylilies, such as Storm Shelter and Blood Sweat and Tears, are stunning choices.

Heliopsis 'Tuscan Gold' offers continuous blooming, while Silver Lining Artemisia provides silver-blue foliage. Lastly, we have Daylilies, King of Ages, with beautiful yellow flowers.

For the layout, we've balanced the beds but avoided identical planting in each outer corner bed. Specimens like Stand By Me Pink will be added, and the beds will look different, adding variety to the garden.

Now, we'll plant and top dress with Land & Sea compost to enhance the soil's nutrition. We'll complete the planting for this season, and future falls might bring more annuals to these beds. So, stay tuned for updates on the signature garden's progress!