Exciting New Preparations for 2024

Video Transcript

Hello friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside. Today, we're here with a production update. Jerry is all set, and we've got our camera person, Mary Claire, filming us today. We both get to be in the video to talk through all the work we've been doing, especially during Christmas. We've made a lot of progress, from powering the fans and heaters to installing LED lights in each bay to keep the greenhouse well-lit.

We also want to introduce the Atlas control system for our greenhouse. This system, from Bartlett Instruments, controls various aspects of our greenhouse, such as temperature and ventilation. It allows us to set different temperatures for heating and cooling and controls when to activate fans and curtains. It's a crucial part of maintaining the ideal climate for our plants.

The greenhouse is equipped with HF fans that circulate the air, preventing hotspots and ensuring good air circulation. These fans are positioned in opposite directions to maintain proper airflow. We've positioned LED lights down the center of each bay, providing adequate lighting for nighttime checks and preventing tripping hazards.

Regarding our plans for the potty machine, we're considering different locations for it within the greenhouse to optimize workflow. It's essential to have the machine positioned efficiently to load the plants onto the conveyor system.

Speaking of the conveyors, we've introduced a new automated conveyor system from RapidVeyor. It's designed to move plants quickly and efficiently down the line, making our potting process more streamlined. These aluminum trays are self-symmetrizing, ensuring the logo always faces outward, making our displays look neat.

We've also improved our shipping boxes, adding our logo and live plant direction arrows to ensure safe delivery of plants to our customers. We're gearing up for the upcoming potting season, with annuals arriving in the third week of January and perennials expected soon after.

As for plant selections, we continue to offer a range of annuals, including Proven Winners, which have proven themselves to be top performers in our garden center. While some may have preferences for certain plants, we understand that everyone has different tastes, and that's perfectly fine.

In terms of upcoming content, we'd like to hear your suggestions for topics or groups of plants you'd like us to cover in our future videos. Whether it's deer-resistant plants, pollinator attractors, drought-tolerant varieties, or others, let us know your preferences.

We'll also be documenting our production process as we get ready for the new season. It's essential to understand where your plants come from and how they're grown before they reach your gardens.

Thank you for joining us on this update at Creekside. We appreciate your support, and we look forward to bringing you more gardening content in the future. Have a fantastic day, and we'll see you in the next video! Bye!