Proven Winners Signature Garden: Day 1 - Design & Planting Shrubs

Video Transcript

Hey friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today is the day where we are going to lay out the plants here at the signature garden and start putting them in the ground. That's right, I am standing here in the middle of a massive sea of perennials and shrubs that are, of course, Proven Winners. This is a Proven Winners signature garden here in Dallas, North Carolina, just west of Charlotte. We are now in Zone 8A, and we have the wonderful task of designing and planting the signature garden here at Creekside Nursery. This garden will make its debut next spring, so we are really coming in here to do a mass design and planting of these shrubs and perennials. Obviously, the annuals will come in the spring, but we have a massive assortment of beautiful different plants of various heights, textures, colors, bloom times, and interest. It's going to be so much fun designing and planting this bed. Today, you are going to come along with us as we begin this process. It's a massive undertaking, but we have already done a lot of work with the infrastructure of the garden in place. We have power, irrigation, and we know exactly where the beds are. We have got the first two raised beds installed, and we are going to focus on the interior of the garden today. Keep in mind that we do have plenty of plants that will go on the perimeter of the garden, which is more like the formal space. It has a very geometric shape, but our plantings will still have that wonderful Creekside flare. They will be less formal and have that fun cottage whimsy. The rest of the garden will be more natural, with more curves and fewer straight lines. We've got lots of plants that will go on the perimeter, from full sun to part shade to complete full shade. You're going to come along with us today as we lay things out and start getting them in the ground. It's going to be a fun process for sure. So, without further ado, let's start putting the plants out into the garden.

Alright, my friends, all of the shrubs have been placed, and we have a couple of perennials placed. If you couldn't tell from the beginning, I was slightly overwhelmed with how I was going to use all of these gorgeous plants in this space. I felt a lot of pressure to design and plant a Proven Winners signature garden, but it's self-imposed pressure because I want to do a really good job here at Creekside Nursery. I want this garden to be a stunning place that people want to come and visit, enjoy, and be inspired by. We have a lot of plants, and I wanted it to be balanced, making sure it flows and is pleasing to the eye without being too matchy-matchy. We have different growing conditions in different areas of the garden. Some get morning shade but hot afternoon sun, while others are the opposite. We plant accordingly in those places. We've placed all of the shrubs, and today, we're going to focus on getting them in the ground. We'll come back tomorrow to plant the perennials because it's a bit overwhelming with all of them placed. So, let me show you how we placed them and give you some insights into my design thinking.

We have four interior beds closest to the fountain, and those will be for annuals. As of now, there's nothing planted in those beds because they will be filled with beautiful annuals in the coming years. The four outer beds are perfect triangles, and we've planted from the middle outward. In the center of each of these outside beds, we have a Summerific Hibiscus, and then we have Pilletalks and Gardinas behind them. In the corners, we have Lavita Moss Indian Hawthorns. The idea is to have consistency in these beds. We've also placed Limelight Prime Panicle Hydrangeas on each of the four corners. In the inside corners, we have Funky Fuchsia Dianthus. These beds are designed to have repeating elements. The rest of the garden will have a different approach, with more natural, less formal plantings.

In the other bed, we have Holy Grail, Indian Hawthorns, and some other plants like Double Pink Perfecto Mundos and Sunjoy Citrus Barberries. The goal is to have consistency in the design but with variations in plantings. We also have some different plants in this bed, like Tiny Quickfire Panicle Hydrangeas and different Dianthus varieties.

In the back corner bed closest to the trees, we have Lilac Crush Hibiscus, Yin and Yang Viburnum, Perpink Lilac, and Sunjoy Citrus Barberries. Again, we are aiming for a pleasing and consistent design.

The last bed features Double Play Doozy Spireas, Lower Pedum Jazz Hands Bold, and Quickfire Fab Panicle Hydrangea, with some Funky Fuchsia Dianthus in the corners.

That's the layout of the shrubs, and tomorrow we'll be planting perennials. It's going to be fun, so make sure you tune in for the next episode. We'll get all of these plants in the ground, and you'll see how it comes together. Thanks for joining us today, and we'll see you in the next episode. Have a great day, and we'll talk to you later!