Moving an Established Garden & Laying 1200' of Fiber

Video Transcript

Hey friends, welcome to Gardening With Creekside. We have an exciting day ahead as we embark on trenching the high-speed fiber internet line. This fiber line will extend from the barn, passing through the new signature Garden, and spanning across multiple fields, all the way up to our production area. To give you a bird's eye view of our progress, Jackson lifted me up in the Bobcat, allowing us to observe the various exciting developments.

Currently, we're located above the 15 perennials in the south flower bed, which will eventually become the proven winter signature Garden. Behind the barn, Jerry and Andrew are preparing the Bobcat, ensuring that all joints are well-greased and ready for action. Cece, Alyssa, and Mayor are diligently working in the nursery today.

Let me provide you with a quick overview of our plans. This area will be transformed into our signature Garden, marked by four corners. To create a more direct route for the fiber line, we will be removing this flower bed, which is in its path. However, we're committed to preserving these beautiful plants. So, while I'm in the Bobcat's bucket, Jerry will carefully dig up these plants, relocating them just a short distance away. This way, when it's time to plant the signature Garden, we can reuse these plants, minimizing waste.

The Bobcat will be instrumental in this process. It will lift up as much soil and roots as possible, ensuring the plants' smooth transition to a shady location nearby. As we look ahead, we have some stunning plants to work with, including hibiscus, daylilies, amsonia, daisies, baptisia, flocks, and more. We are determined not to be wasteful and intend to make the most of these plants.

You might notice a white PVC pipe protruding from the ground in front of me. That's where the fiber line will be directed. We plan to trench deeply to ensure a direct and secure route. The PVC pipe you see already extends under the creek, serving as a conduit for the fiber line's passage. This internet infrastructure is crucial for our remote location, where reliable internet is essential for our business operations, especially for uploading videos to YouTube.

In the past, we experienced internet challenges due to our remote location, which led us to bring fiber directly to our house. Now, we're extending that fiber line from the house to the barn and, further, up to production facilities to ensure we have robust internet connectivity. This expansion is vital as we prepare for shipping and online sales, which are central to our future plans.

Our day is filled with tasks, from relocating plants to trenching for the fiber line. We'll even mow the grass to prepare the path for the line. Frank is also working on preparing the land for new greenhouses. With so much happening, it's an exciting and busy day here at Creekside Nursery. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress.

Update: It's now 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and we've made significant progress. We've reached the creek, and the trench is visible all the way to the barn. Locating existing infrastructure near the barn, like water lines and large PVC pipes, required extra time and care. These considerations were necessary to ensure the safe passage of the fiber line beneath these structures.

Additionally, we faced challenges in trenching near the signature Garden area. We dug as deep as the Bobcat and trencher allowed, taking into account potential future developments. The fiber line doesn't require a conduit because it's already insulated, making it suitable for burying directly in the trench. Now, we're moving across the creek, where we won't need to dig as deep since future construction is unlikely in that area.

We successfully passed the fiber line through a PVC pipe beneath the creek using a clever technique with irrigation tubing. We're being cautious with our measurements, as splicing a fiber line can be expensive. As we move forward, the trench will remain exposed temporarily, allowing us to make adjustments if needed. We plan to cover it later to protect the fiber line.

Our progress has been significant, and we'll keep you updated on developments. Thanks for joining us on this journey at Creekside Nursery.

Update 2: We've completed the project for today. It's now Friday after 5 o'clock, and we've successfully reached the production area. We even had some extra room to spare, giving us flexibility in placing the fiber line within the building.

We've left the trenches exposed for now, as it's late in the day, and we're hot, sweaty, and tired. Even if it rains and some soil falls into the trench, the fiber line remains well-protected. We'll return with the machines to backfill and compact the soil properly.

The urgency of this project was due to the upcoming greenhouse construction, where they needed to adjust the land's elevation. Having the fiber line in place before these changes ensures a smooth transition.

While today's work wasn't necessarily enjoyable, it was a necessary task we'd been putting off for over a year. Now that it's done, it's a satisfying accomplishment. Sometimes, you have to tackle what you'd rather avoid. We'll continue to keep you updated on the exciting happenings at Creekside Nursery.