Epic Unique Stone Delivery & the Greenhouse is Nearly Complete!

Video Transcript

Hey friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside. Today, we're going to provide you with a project update. Lots of exciting things are happening here at Creekside Nursery, and we'll also take you on a fun Nursery Tour because we've just received a shipment of beautiful plants and unique stone – there are about 10,000 pieces of unique stone to show you.

But first, let's start up at our new production facility. You'll notice some significant changes since our last visit. Roger and his team have been working tirelessly to make progress, and one of the most notable achievements is that we now have a roof in place. They are also in the process of installing curtains on the sides.

We've even got some drone footage to share with you, showcasing the installation of the roof. They wisely started working on it in the late afternoon to avoid windy conditions. High up in the air, installing polyplastic on a windy day is never fun.

Moving on to the greenhouse details, we have a three-bay gutter connector greenhouse from Atlas Greenhouses. It has tall ceilings and a double layer of polyplastic for insulation. Each bay has its own heater to keep things warm during the colder months. The fans and shutters are in place for proper air circulation.

You might have noticed the circulating fans facing opposite directions – this is intentional to ensure efficient air circulation. This is especially important when the heat is on to prevent hot spots. Additionally, there's a system for inflating the roof and walls to ensure tightness and water shedding during rain or snow.

Now, let's talk about the roll-up sides. These sides are equipped with a mechanism that allows them to roll up or down based on temperature. It's a great feature for maintaining the ideal climate inside the greenhouse.

Moving down to the nursery, we've received a variety of plants, including Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia, everillo grass, Feather Falls grass, Southern Comfort ukra, and zipper ukra. These plants are suited for different sunlight conditions and add color to your landscape.

Next, we have ice and roses in red and pink varieties. These Lenten roses bloom in the winter months and are deer-resistant. You can enjoy their beauty and fragrance during the cooler season.

Pansies and violas have also arrived, offering a wide range of colors to choose from. These cool-weather annuals are perfect for fall and winter containers.

If you're looking for even more color, consider the cabbage and kale options available. They not only add vibrancy to your garden but are also edible.

Moving on to the unique stone section, we have an extensive selection of stone and garden ornaments. From Savannah urns to toadstools, geckos, and statues, there's something for every garden enthusiast. The unique stone pieces are handcrafted and offer a touch of character to your outdoor space.

We also have lanterns, bird baths, and various animal-themed garden accents, such as turtles, owls, and cats. These make great additions to gardens of all sizes.

In conclusion, we have a wide array of plants and unique stone products available. Whether you're looking to enhance your garden with beautiful plants or add character with unique stone ornaments, we have you covered. Come and explore our nursery and discover the perfect additions to your outdoor space.