BIG New Project Day 2 | Nursery Tour

Video Transcript

Hey friends, welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today, we're going to give you an update on day two of the construction for our new production greenhouses. If you missed the first video, you can check it out; I will have it linked for you. So, what are we doing here? We are growing again! Creekside Nursery is a grower retailer, which means we grow the plants we sell retail to our amazing customers who come from all over to visit us. We need to ramp up our production to grow more plants, not only for our customers at the retail center in Dallas but also for shipping. These new greenhouses will help us with that. This fall, we'll begin shipping shrubs, and in spring 2024, we'll offer annuals, perennials, and shrubs online. More details will be coming soon.

Now, let's talk about the lovely red clay pad here. It's our native soil, not Mars, as some joked about in the comments of the last video. These greenhouses will be three gutter-connected houses, and we'll give you an overview of what happened on day two.

At the end of day one, our amazing team removed all the shrubs from this lot, and we were left with a blank slate. Jerry came back the next day to remove all the irrigation and landscape fabrics. After that, we realized there was a significant slope in the land, which needed to be addressed. Jason, Frank, and Jerry had a meeting to figure out the best approach. They decided to dig down in one area and build up in another to achieve a more level surface.

To avoid water issues, we're also creating a swell to divert water towards the creek. This will prevent water from flowing into the greenhouse. So, adapting and overcoming challenges is a part of this project.

Now, let's talk about the red clay soil. It's great for foundations because it can be compacted well. We won't waste the topsoil, though; we'll use it in our signature garden beds.

Due to the land's grade, we had to change the orientation of the greenhouses. The front will now face the high point of the land, and we'll build retaining walls to handle the grade difference.

Despite the challenges, we're making progress, and we can't wait to share more updates with you. Stay tuned for what's happening next. Thank you for joining us on this journey!