BIG New Project, Day 1

Video Transcript

Hello friends welcome to Gardening with  Creekside so we got a few things happening  here at the nursery today got some of lovely  very large equipment because uh yeah we have  a new production project that is beginning and  the construction has begun so we are going to be  installing new greenhouses here at the production  and so we're going to kind of give you an overview  of what that project is going to look like we're  going to show you all the fun equipment because I  know big equipment is always a fun for everybody  to watch so that's what we're doing today we're  going to kind of introduce you to this new project  give you a behind the scenes happenings here at  the Creekside Nursery so what in the world is  happening here at Creekside Nursery like I said  we are expanding our production facilities  here at the nursery because of course we are  a grower retailer here in North Carolina at  Zone 7B just outside of Charlotte in Dallas  so Creekside is just growing by Leaps and Bounds  and in order to keep up with the demand of all  of our sweet customers we have to expand our  production facilities so what we're going to  be doing is installing a greenhouse it's going to  actually have three Bays to it they will each Bay  will be 30 feet wide and at a minimum they will  be 96 a feet long so all together it will be a 90  by 96 foot Greenhouse they will be like gutter  connected we're going to do it a little bit of  a different style than what we have at retail so  they're still going to have their rounded roofs to  them I'll try to throw a picture up of one that  is very similar to what we will be installing  of course we get all of our greenhouses from Atlas  greenhouses they take great care of us and so this  is what we're going to use now we have talked  many many times that here at Creekside Nursery  nothing that's flat we do not have flat land  here and if you're going to put in a greenhouse  you kind of need the area to be flat you got to  prepare the land so that is what we are doing now  um I know it may sound weird because you're like  well you know you got all this equipment back here  in the back and the greenhouse is going to be up  in the front what in the world are you doing so we  have three main pieces of equipment here right now  and I probably will butcher the exact name of each  equipment because I don't have Jackson with me  who will tell me exactly what it is we have lack  of a better word it's not an excavator it's an  excavator it isn't a very large excavator that is  some people call it a Tracker that is working in  the back of the property then behind my daddy's  burn pile here we have a bulldozer Track Loader  see Jenny's not so that's what's going to move  the vast majority of the soil the dirt to make the  pad and then the truck just arrived with a soil  compactor it's a roller so its main job though is  to compact the soil because I need this pad to be  nice and firm and strong because it's going  to be holding a structure so you can see that  he is uh very carefully rolling that off of the  trailer the flatbed and everything is happening  uh really well our great friend Jason cloniger  he is the one who owns the company I think he's  prepped all of our land for us yeah I mean he  cleared the land prepped the land at the retail  Garden Center he did it here for the production  facilities we have now so we are very grateful  for Jason and his company and his fantastic crew  that just do an amazing job that allow us to grow  as a business so yeah all that's coming off  and we're going to work our way up here to  the area where the greenhouse is going to go when  Jason came out and was talking with Jerry about  the initial consultation if you will this is the  area on that the greenhouse is going to go so 90  by 96 90 feet wide 96 feet deep and it may be  hard to tell on camera but this pad is sloping  in all sorts of different directions one we  have it sloping towards us then we have it  sloping towards the back and so this is the pad  that has got to be perfectly level to put the  structure on it so when Jason was here talking  with Jerry and he did all his measurements and  all the things it was going to be what if we  could not get the soil off of the property it  was going to be a hundred dump truckloads of  soil that we would have to bring in to make  this level and that's a lot of soil y'all 100  truckloads of soil so the downside to that is we  would tear up right right exactly so I was going  to say if you've been to Creekside or if you've  seen some of the Drone shots that we have done  of our property you know that we the road that we  live on right is a gravel road everything around  here is nice and gravel and a hundred truckloads  it would be a hundred n's and 100 outs so that  would be 200 trucks passes on that road and it  would absolutely destroy the road and all of our  infrastructure so Jason said we have enough soil  up on our property line that we can take soil from  here and build up the pad so that is what we are  doing so today what they're doing is they're  taking out some of the small spindly trees and  they're going to do their absolute best to leave  the nice big ones so they're taking out the little  scraggly things leaving in the big ones that  way they can come back through with the loader  and yes and pull all of that soil up here to build  this pad now kind of obvious question is well  Jenny you have a lot of plants on that production  lot what are you going to do with it well we have  our sweet folks back there in the back and they  are beginning the process of removing all of  these plants off of this lot we've had some pretty  good severe thunderstorms that have come through  so if you notice plants are laying down that  happened last night so today of course we'll  be getting all of those picked up because they're  going to get moved off of the lot and they've got  to either go some of them are going to go to  retail because they're retail ready so we will  show you some of those things that we're going to  be adding to retail and then the other ones we're  going to try our absolute best to consolidate them  and put them on pad number two which we'll here in  a couple days will just simply be the production  pad because this will no longer exist right here  um so all of the perennials so this whole block  right here is nothing but perennials so we will  take those we've got some gorgeous coreopsis  that's ready we've got beautiful boom chocolata  that is great come on down here so these we will  take down to production we've got baptisia now  the baptistia right now not looking so hot  but this is a great time to go ahead and get  it in the ground so that way when it comes  up in the spring in your garden it is well  established perfect and nice and big but look  at like some of this boom chocolata as they're  pulling them out they'll have to come through  here and kind of clean them up a little bit  um but boom chocolato of course is that beautiful  perennial geranium from proven Winters nice nice  dark foliage on it with the blooms it will be  about two feet tall and this is going to be Hardy  in zones uh where is it four to eight so this is a  really fun perennial to add to your garden to give  that some height some color love that and then  of course the uptick coreopsis people ask for  um blooming perennials that bloom all summer long  look at this this is a premium one gallon so this  is a nice big perennial go ahead and add it to  your garden right now and it will be a very very  happy plant with those beautiful blooms all  season long you can deadhead it if you want  to you certainly don't have to but we have found  that this uptick this is the uptick Golden Bronzeis a great repeat Bloomer continuous Bloomer for  us and it is Hardy in zones five to nine that's  one reason why it does so well is because of  course we're a zone seven so it's right there in  the middle and does a really good job for us now  if you're looking at this whole section right here  we got some picking up to do but all of these  plants yeah the storm last night that's why  they're laying down we'll come back and pick them  up um but this all these plants in this quadrant  right here are all plants that we have pulled to  use for the signature Garden The Proven winter  signature Garden down at the nursery because  we have folks ask us a lot of times you know  disproven winners that Supply the plants for you  with the signature Garden they do not that is  where we are blessed as a grower is that we can  pull from our own stock and pull plants that we  want to incorporate into the gardens so we've got  incredible hydrangeas right here we've got sent  landia I've got some macrophila hydrangeas I've  got the um at last rows I've got Laura pedalums  these are they're beautiful um let me find a tagthe tag is going on this one let's seewell we're not doing so good there dear oh  there it is yeah Ariba so the Let's Dance arriba  I mean the foliage on these are absolutely  stunning beautiful color on them Harding  zones of four to nine sun to part shade these  are repeat Bloomer they're pH dependent so  depending on your soil's pH will determine the  color so our crew is taking the first set of  plants down I got a wagon full of ladies  over there so all of these plants will be  used in the signature Gardens so roses we've  got candy corn double plate candy corn spirea  we've got double played doozy we've got  Pearl Glam all sorts of great things that  are going on down to the nursery yeah Jerry  wants to do something right quick hang onokay friends we had to take a little uh break  there for a minute because you know life is  happening and there's a lot of moving Parts  happening right now and of course this is  when we chose to make a video because why not  add something else into the mix uh so what we  showed you was we went to go turn the tractor  on to use it and of course the battery had died  even though we had just moved the tractor like  10 minutes ago battery was dead so Jerry and  Jackson got it jumped off all is well went ahead  and started getting the perennials out of here  the coreopsis because they look so amazing and  so fantastic they will go down to retail all  the other perennials will get absorbed into the  perennial section now on what we'll just call  the shrub block because this is going away they  speak folks back over here everybody went back  over all hands on deck to start taking those  shrubs off the lot they're putting them in the  back of the trailer and the truck then they  go down to retail to be absorbed down there  Mr Mann on the excavator tracko is doing really  well Jerry was saying basically I don't know if  you can see where the power pole is back there  but the power pole the property line goes just  a little bit beyond that so that's kind of where  he is working he's been able to leave all those  nice big huge trees which is always a great  thing and taking out the little spindly Pines  Maples oats the very young trees big trees  are staying because we've talked about this  before we're not one's just a willy-nilly  take down the trees my daddy is back here  supervising and making sure that all goes well  because he is the one that definitely knows the  property line and plus he just loves all these  kinds of things this is this is fun for him  okay shrub law what are they taking down to  the nursery they are taking loads of hydrangeas  um let's see they've already you know  walked down there let's just walk down there  they've already they are taking I don't know  what their order is but uh we're restocking on  the firelight tidbits because you sweet people are  soaking up and grabbing up those fire like tidbits  just as fast as possible so um yes and then um so  the tidbits are going down and then the butterfly  bushes like look at this oh my gosh look at that  beautiful swallowtail so these are Miss violets  yes so these are the budlia butterfly bush myth  Violet and Miss Violet that whole Miss series will  get to be about like four feet ish tall three feet  wide so they're kind of columnar in that aspect  and so we have the Miss Violet Miss Ruby we have  Miss Pearl I think is right here at yep so miss  Pearl is a is a perfect Pure White so those are  going to go down and then we can move on over here  we've got pugsters um oh my gosh  butterflies everywhere so we've  got this is the pugster Pinker look at that  beautiful puckster Pinker is what we have in  the berm planted in mass now is a great  time for you to add butterfly bushes to  your garden remember just yesterday I added  a violet Cascade of it there at the chicken  coop because it is hot butterfly bushes love  it hot this is when they're actively growing  their roots are growing and they they love  the hot temperatures so they will do really  well get them in the ground now so you have the  poster Pinker pugster blue which is a nice rich  they call it blue I call it purple pucksters  of course will get to be here in North Carolina  really a three by three nice beautiful I call them  semi-evergreens because even in the winter for us  we have found that they will keep some of their  foliage they will not completely defoliate here  your Miss series will completely defoliate  punctures tend to hold on to some foliage so  you don't just have sticks in the wintertime which  is really nice so basically right now we have the  pinkers and the blues because all the other stuff  is like amethyst would be growing on the other lot  um so that's what's happening here oh let's go  up here and look at this Vanilla Spice so Vanilla  Spice was also that other native shrub that we  added to the chicken coop area yester yesterday's  video um so this is a plethora or a summer sweet  and these are beautiful plants that show you one  here so Vanilla Spice you get beautiful nice  green foliage starting in like the spring all  through your summer they are deciduous so in the  wintertime they will defoliate then you get you  can see these are all the old Bloom heads pure  white flowers obviously very upright is why it's  called vanilla because they're white flowers spice  smells Divine massive pollinator tractor so if  you're looking for native plants that you can add  to your garden that will attract the pollinators  then this is most definitely it it has a medium  deer resistance to it but one of my favorite  things about Vanilla Spice is that the fall color  is brilliant yellow as I say it is Big Bird yellow  gorgeous flaming red foliage on it and this will  be three to six feet tall and it will be three  to five feet wide it's really hard to focus on  talking about plants when there's so much action  going on behind me I'm trying to stay focused  with you sweet people but it is a native plant  and it will do really really well in moist  soils it is native it likes moist soils it  will naturalize I'm not sure how aggressive it  will naturalize what does naturalized mean it  means that it will send out little babies little  Runners and you'll have new plants pop up so just  be aware of that when you plant it give it plenty  of room to grow and the more moist the soil the  happier it's going to be and probably the more  it's going to naturalize so we'll have those  going down there and then of course oh my gosh I  know we talked about this the other week but look  at these Perfecto Mundos these are the double pink  azaleas Perfecto Mundos were um developed NC State  by Dr Tom Rainey and um look at that now here we  are August and these are blooming yes you've got  some old heads on there but that's what they do  right so it's a perfective Mundos tend to be nice  and petite two to three foot size and make great  for your foundation front of your border middle of  your border just depends on you know how you have  your flower beds laid out but the Perfecto Mundo  double pinks are really really popular and go very  fast now down here we have gardenias and it looks  like they've already pulled some of the gardenias  I believe these are the Steady As She Goes  yeah so we have two gardenias from proven winners  we have Steady As She Goes which is this one  um and so Steady As She Goes is a little bit of  a bigger gardenia in the fact that it will be  um three to five tall four to seven wide so you  want to give them plenty of room to grow beautiful  Evergreen double flower on it Hardy and zones  seven to ten so they've taken some of those down  these need a little bit more time to grow because  you can see that they're still kind of petite so  what we'll do is we'll take these and incorporate  them down there into the production pad down there  and have those ready and then pillow talk was  gorgeous when we were down there last week we're  going down there let's go down there so before we  go you know me so if you were with us last week  oh I'm a sucker for a gardenia so if you were with  us last week when we were up here with the pillow  talk I took that gardenia and I stuck it in in  my in my hair and so I wore it for the rest of  the day and my hair was down all day yo I could  smell that gardenia in my hair for like two days  afterwards don't ask me how often I wash my hair  but it smells so good but look look how look how  vigorous these plants are so this is the pillow  talk you get still look at that beautiful flower  if you are a gardenia lover like I am this  is absolute perfection and so Pillow Talk is  much more manageable in size so see that's what  Andrew they're starting y'all come on in don't  let me bother you um so they're grabbing those  to take those down to retail oh I forgot where  my tag goes hang on um right have a select number  because this is our only crop right and so Pillow  Talk is brand new on the market this year so if  you want Pillow Talk you need to get your honey  out here because they're going to go they will get  two and a half to three and a half feet tall three  to four wide so much more manageable in size and  I'm trying to remember where I took this tag from  right here um you don't want to take the Tag away  but these are beautiful beautiful gardenias super  excited about these I can't believe how much  they have grown I mean a gorgeous vigorous  plant with loads of beautiful blooms and then also  we're going to take down some of the honeysuckle  even though these plants are on the pad that's not  going to be affected we can clear some of these  out take them to retail and then what's on that  lot will come to here so when we wear t-shirts  that say we're professional plant movers we  really are because you're constantly moving plants  sensation honeysuckle from Proven Winners we  we do not trellise them because it is just such  a job we are going to okay so we're  going to but they are um yeah so  let's talk about the plant here very distracting  a lot of fun action going on around here Carl  okay Hardy and zones four to nine it will get 10  feet tall two to four wide and it is a vigorous  grower let me tell you I have two of these on  the fence at the berm oh my word grow their  little heads off sweetly scented yellow flower  sensation and they are a continuous Bloomer once  the bloom is done they do beautiful red berries  gorgeous beautiful on that you can put it on a  trellis you can put it on a fence you can put on  an obelisk you can put on a Pergola whatever you  want to now for me I have found that mine was um  Evergreen so we planted them last fall on in the  berm and they kept their flat but their foliage  all winter long even in the Arctic blast they  continue to keep their foliage so let you  deal with that because somebody said that  theirs was deciduous I don't know let me show  you this Bloom over here oh now this is not  an invasive plant if you're familiar if you have  honeysuckle growing wild in your Woods like we do  it can be quite invasive and pesky this will  not do this so this will not spread it will  not smother plants very happy very well-behaved  plant sensation is a gorgeous one puffer fish  is look beautiful just really starting to Bud  out you've got that one nice one right there  um yeah we were talking with another Nursery  yesterday that Drew a lot of these yeah and  they said it was their number one panicle as far  as growth and the way it was growing in the gardenyeah I mean it is a really nice tight and and  that's the thing too is like I know these are  not ginormous right now but I mean we had you  saw all those plants that got knocked down  um and these are standing up straight  I think so I think they're going to stay up nice  and tight because I mean look at this so this is  the one that probably has the most developed heads  right now and I mean those are strong sturdy stems  and this stem this is a new plant like we just  potted these up this year and so they're really  strong so you're not going to have the technical  floppage that maybe you do on other paniclesyescorrect form better for the home Gardener yeah  you were to grab 10 of these today it's going to  do better in your landscape than you would have  got one yes yes and so because and that's what  um because I planted you know three of these  at the chicken coop and they were close to I  think they were pretty weren't they pretty root  bound because they were huge plants and they were  root bound I chopped them up really good one is  massively on the struggle bust I'm not gonna lose  it but it doesn't look good so she looks rough  the other two are doing just fine I did go ahead  and take the tops off of them took all the blooms  but they're doing great but the one Struggle Bus  so like Jerry's saying you get these that are not  root bound you just literally take it out and put  it in the hole man they're going to do awesome  they're going to do great and then of course the  hibiscuses as always are just gorgeous so um I  can't focus any more on plants right now because  there's too many other fun things happening  so we're gonna um we're gonna try to keep you  updated maybe we'll we'll keep some footage going  about what's happening as far as the sun action  around here uh maybe I don't know what we'll do  just stay tuned we'll give you some more footage  yeah just be footage at the end so we'll  just do some b-roll maybe throughout the  periodically throughout the day what happens  how it looks at the end of the day that kind  of thing really have no idea where the day is  going to go so stay tuned we'll all find out  together as always thanks so much for going  with Creekside thanks for coming on this wild  ride with us we so appreciate y'all you have a  great day we'll see in the next video bye friends