Backyard Winter Garden Tour

Join me for a backyard garden tour where you can see what projects we are working on to prepare for spring, and hopefully give you some ideas on how you can maintain your garden.

Video Transcript

Welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today, I'm here to give you an update on all the projects in our backyard. We've been busy with fall cleanup, preparing for a beautiful spring and summer in 2024. However, we're taking it a bit easy today as I recently had a 24-hour stomach bug that knocked me out. But I'm feeling better now, thanks to my husband who stepped in to film for me.

Before we dive into the updates, it's important to note that we are located in North Carolina, Zone 8A, which means we have milder winters compared to many other parts of the country. So, while it's late December here, keep in mind that this information can be applied differently depending on your location and climate.

First, let's talk about our Dahlia patch. We've been growing Dahlias for two years now, and they've been a pleasant surprise. Initially, I thought Dahlias were high-maintenance, but they turned out to be quite easy to grow. We have three rows of Dahlias, with Laura's Dahlias on one side and the ones we bought last year on the other side. Our approach is to leave them in the ground over the winter, and they've survived well. We're cleaning up the patch, cutting everything down to the ground, and adding a layer of compost mulch, which Dahlias thrive on.

Moving on to the Phantom Hydrangea bed, our team did a fantastic job of pruning the panicle hydrangeas, which bloom on new growth. Pruning them helps them look their best. We also have Cryptomerias providing a beautiful evergreen screen, and in front of them, we have the Phantoms, which will create a nice hedge.

Now, let's talk about preparations for a wedding in May. Our team is working hard to get the garden in shape for the event. The Dahlia patch will have some green growth, and we're not removing the stakes because it's quite challenging. Instead, we might consider disguising them with spray paint. In the Phantom Hydrangea bed, we've added perennials and will apply mulch to control weeds and retain moisture.

We also have a Chama bed, and Chama's love acidic conditions. We're using Holly-tone fertilizer, specifically designed for acid-loving plants, to feed them twice during the growing season. Chamas can be slow growers initially, but they reward patience with their beautiful blooms.

Next, we have a flower bed along the creek bank that we plan to develop further. It's been neglected for some time, but with the upcoming wedding, we're motivated to make it more appealing. The bed contains a variety of Aelas, Japanese Anemones, and Limelight Hydrangeas. We'll be doing some cleaning up, removing invasive plants, and adding mulch for moisture control and weed suppression.

Lastly, winter is an excellent time for gardeners to dream and plan for the next season, regardless of your garden's size or location. Whether you have acres of land or just a few containers on a balcony, the joy of planning for the next growing season is universal.

We appreciate your support and thank you for joining us at Creekside. Stay tuned for more gardening updates in the future! Goodbye for now.