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A unique 6-month formulation feeds plants continually throughout the growing season with only one application. The temperature-sensitive coating delivers more nutrients during peak growing periods when the weather is the warmest and plants need food the most.

A 15-7-15 NPK ratio is designed to maximize flowering and plant growth. Includes multiple sources of Nitrogen for strong growth and color, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, and all other key micro-elements to ensure peak plant performance. 2.5 lb. jar with convenient shaker top.

Remember, FOOD = FLOWERS!

                For Use On: Flowering annuals in pots, containers, hanging baskets, combination plantings, window boxes, or in your garden landscape. 

                When To Use: At the time of planting

                How To Apply:

                Use the suggested application rates below to determine the right amount of Proven Winners Premium Continuoues Release Plant Food to apply to your containers or in your garden landscape.

                Potted & Container Plants: When planting into the following containers sizes, use the following rates and water in thoroughly. Reapply after six months.

                Container Size (Dia)

                4 inch

                6 inch

                8 inch

                10 inch

                18 inch

                24 inch

                Amount of plant food pellets (teaspoon)

                1 tbsp

                1.5 tbsp

                2 tbsp

                3 tbsp

                4 tbsp

                8 tbsp

                Planting into the Landscape
                New Transplants: Use the rates from the chart above that corresponds with the container size you are planting.  With container or cell pack sizes smaller than 4 inch, use a rate of 1/2 teaspoons per plant.  After planting sprinkle the plant food evenly around the plants.  Or before planting, mix the plant food with soil in the planting hole. Water in thoroughly.  Repeat after six months.

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