'My Monet Purple Effect' Weigela


New energy for an old favorite!

My Monet Purple Effect brings new color, more flowers, and better adaptability, while sharing all the charm and beauty of the original My Monet® weigela. Its variegated cream and mint green foliage takes on purple (as opposed to pink) tones, and it is much better able to withstand the rigors of both cold and warmer climates. Though it is slightly larger, it can be used in much the same way: as a delightful companion to perennials, as a colorful edging, in a container, or anywhere you need a spot of clear, clean color.


Foliage Interest


Plant Type: 
Shrub Type: 
Height Category: 
Garden Height: 
 18 - 30 Inches
 18 - 30 Inches
 18 - 30 Inches
Flower Colors: 
Foliage Colors: 
Foliage Shade: 
 White, green, purple
Container Role: 


Light Requirement: 
 Part Sun to Sun

The optimum amount of sun or shade each plant needs to thrive: Full Sun (6+ hours), Part Sun (4-6 hours), Full Shade (up to 4 hours).

Maintenance Category: 
Blooms On: 
 Old Wood
Bloom Time: 
 Late Spring
Hardiness Zones: 
Water Category: 
 Border Plant
 Edging Plant
 Mass Planting
Maintenance Notes: 

With its naturally neat and tidy habit, little pruning should be required. Any pruning you do wish to execute should be done after the plant blooms. 

Variegation makes My Monet Purple Effect weigela a bit more shade tolerant than most, and the warmer your climate, the more shade it will require. 

My Monet Purple Effect® Weigela florida 'Verweig8' USPP 30,064Can 6,659