An Afternoon of Stone & Flowers

Come spend an afternoon of stone and flowers with me! We received our August order from Unique Stone with a variety of stone garden pieces, and we are continuing to prepare the space for the new production greenhouse with multiple loads of gravel. I am excited to give you an update on the flowers in the deck boxes; they are beautiful!

Video Transcript

Hello friends, and welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today, we're embarking on a fun afternoon adventure at Creekside Nursery. We originally had another project planned, but we'll save that for another day. Instead, we've received an exciting delivery of unique stone, our August order from our friends at Unique Stone. We'll dive into that in just a moment. Additionally, we have gravel deliveries in progress, with Jerry up there spreading gravel at the production area. I'll show you the final grade, which Jason and his crew left in impeccable shape last week. It's a sight to behold, with rich red soil that looks absolutely stunning. But first, let's explore this, and if time permits, I'll update you on the deck boxes at the house, the ones I pruned a couple of weeks ago, causing some of you to cheer and others to be concerned. Let's get started in the shade because it's a scorching 2:30 in the afternoon at the end of August here in North Carolina, and it's hot!

At our nursery, we received our August order of unique stone today. It arrived around lunchtime, and this is how it looks when it arrives. Unique Stone packages their items meticulously, using recycled cardboard and burlap coffee bags. We'll film the unboxing process tomorrow, but trust me; it's like opening Christmas presents. These pieces are not only beautifully wrapped but also quite heavy. Jerry uses a bobcat to unload them, and then we tag and price each piece. Unique Stone pieces are substantial, so moving them requires lots of hands and equipment.

Unique Stone offers historic-inspired pieces for gardens, like the rectangular hummingbird planter and the Galloway urn. These pieces are not just beautiful; they're incredibly heavy. Tomorrow, our goal is to have everything unboxed and labeled so we can have them available for sale when we open later this week.

Next, we head up to the production area, where Jerry is spreading gravel. Crush and run, a mixture of larger gravel chunks and finer pieces, is being laid as a base. It's crucial for creating a sturdy foundation. Washed stone, consisting of larger gravel pieces that allow water to flow through, will be added later. Our aim is to have gravel paths in front of the greenhouses for easy access.

Our property isn't flat; it's got character with plenty of oak trees. Frank, our skilled operator, ensured that the trees were preserved while grading the area. We'll be building a greenhouse on this pad, with gravel in front for access to machines and trailers. The greenhouse footprint is substantial, and the area will be fully utilized for production.

We also cleared some areas near the greenhouses for future sheds or storage spaces. A ditch was created to redirect water away from the greenhouses and into the creek. We're mindful of hurricanes and tropical storms during North Carolina's hurricane season, so we'll need to address the exposed soil.

As we wrap up this tour, let's head back to the house to check on the deck boxes. It's been three weeks since I pruned them, and you won't believe how they've bounced back. The Verbena, Petunias, Pentas, and more are flourishing. These mixed containers provide an ever-changing display of vibrant plants. So, don't hesitate to prune your annuals; they'll reward you with a stunning show.

That concludes our afternoon at Creekside Nursery. We hope you found it informative and enjoyable. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for joining us at the Creekside. Until next time, take care, and happy gardening!