Plants & Projects!

It's a plants & projects update today! Join Jerry & I as we give you updates on two of our current projects, and we are going to take a look at plants that are flourishing in this lovely fall weather.

Video Transcript

Welcome to Gardening with Creekside! Today's segment, as Jerry cleverly suggested, is called "Plants and Projects." We'll be sharing updates on various projects and discussing some beautiful plants. Recently, Cece and Randy revamped the fall planting near the nursery at the creek, transforming it with stunning mums. We'll definitely show you that!

Over at the shrub lot, the production shrub lot, there's a noticeable burst of color even from a distance. I'm eager to explore and share these beautiful shrubs with you as part of our plants and projects theme.

Focusing on projects, we're back at production with the new production greenhouse. This 90 by 96 greenhouse is solely for production, not retail space. We've had questions about visiting this greenhouse, but it's strictly for production. This expansion will more than double our growing capacity, which is essential as we plan to sell annuals and perennials online next spring. As our gardens at Creekside Nursery grow, we need more space to grow plants for them.

We've made significant progress in the past weeks. Recently, our friends, The Parkers, laid concrete in the first bay and pathways in the other two bays. My husband has been tirelessly working on the logistics and inner workings of the greenhouse in preparation for further developments.

Many have asked why we grow directly on the ground rather than using tables in production. It's mainly a space issue. Larger nurseries like Spring Meadow and Pleasant View Gardens also grow straight on the ground to maximize space usage. We also employ washed stone for better water drainage, and Jerry has created a water channel down the center of each bay to facilitate this.

We're also preparing for electrical conduit installation, ensuring we have the necessary infrastructure for the greenhouse's operation. In addition, we've installed a French drain and a massive gravel basin for effective water management, crucial for the health of our plants.

Regarding plants, we're in the prime planting season here in North Carolina, Zone 7B. It's the perfect time to plant shrubs, trees, and perennials. The soil is still warm, but the air is cooler, and plants are entering dormancy. This period is critical for root development, leading to stronger, healthier plants by spring.

One of our key practices is planting shrubs an inch above the soil line to prevent the "bathtub effect," especially in our heavy red clay soil. This ensures better water drainage and prevents rot.

Our current offerings include the Perfecto Mundo azaleas, with beautiful double flowers, and the drought-resistant Caraotas, which are great for sunny and dry areas. They're a hit with pollinators and ideal for the southern garden.

We also have a fantastic selection of hydrangeas, including the Limelight Prime and the Incrediball. These are perfect for fall planting and will flourish beautifully in the coming seasons.

At the nursery entrance, we've created a vibrant display using mums and pansies. It's a bright and inviting sight for visitors. We've strategically chosen colors like bright yellow and purple for maximum impact and visibility from a distance.

Finally, an update on the Proven Winners signature garden: This garden is a great honor for us, showcasing Proven Winners plants. It's a formal, structured space but with our classic Creekside planting style. The garden will feature a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees, all highlighting the beauty and diversity of Proven Winners plants.

We're excited to continue developing this space and share the progress with you. Thank you for joining us on this gardening journey, and we look forward to seeing you in the next video!