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"Gardening is part of our family time"

At our core we love to help people. We often find that people want to create beautiful spaces in their garden but they simply don't know where to start. That's where our consultations come in! We have trained staff to help you select the best plants for your space, and we are happy to help you as you shop.

We Plan It, You Plant It

This option is very popular for those who love to be outside and get their hands in the dirt but who don't know what plants and shrubs to put into their landscape. We will work with you to create a plan that is both beautiful and functional for your space, provide you with the necessary materials, and then you go home and put the plan into action. With this service we have a $175 fee that gives you one hour with a dedicated professional at the nursery planning your space.  We will walk through the nursery while picking out plants for your space. $75 will then be credited towards your plant purchases.  Make sure you bring your measurements of the space, plenty of pictures, drawings, land plat if available and know how much sunlight the space gets during the growing season.

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Design & Full Installation

We offer full landscape installations for those who wish for us to do all of the hard work. If necessary we can remove old, existing landscape and replace it with the look you desire. We take pride in adopting your landscape as our own, and we will leave your landscape looking better than you could have ever imagined! When we do the landscape installation we come to your home, talk with you about your goals & concerns, and create a plan that is designed specifically for you.  We have a $175 charge for this service, and when we install your landscape we will credit this amount back to you.

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